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About Us

The Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council is the most Northern education body in the Northwest Territories. All eight communities and nine schools are located North of the Arctic Circle. BDDEC serves 1508 students in the region, and is responsible for 328 administrators, teachers and support staff. 

BDDEC is governed by a board of elected members. Each District Education Authority (DEA) within the BDDEC elects one representative, normally their chair, to sit on the District Education Council (DEC) board. The DEC elects a Chair (2 year term), Vice-Chair (every year) and Member at Large (every year). 

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and the Gwich’in Tribal Council appoint one member (each) to the BDDEC board and are voting members. DEA’s meet monthly. The DEC meets three times per year, including two via videoconference and one face-to-face meeting in February.

BDDEC has a strategic plan focused on improvement in Literacy, Indigenous Languages, Numeracy and Social Responsibility. The BDDEC Strategic Plan is co-created with the DEC and Senior Admin Team. BDDEC is currently developing a five year vision to ensure long term sustainable growth for the students of the Beaufort Delta.


Capable Citizens Through Indigenized Education


Mission Statement - Our Beliefs:

We believe in quality Tier I instruction that is Indigenized and relevant to our students. Tier II research based interventions can improve barrier skills for students when implemented properly. Tier III interventions should be guided by interagency support. Collaboration is more important than individual competition among professional learning communities. Our students deserve the absolute best efforts from us as an organization at all times. Strong community support will guide our on the land programs and Indigenizing education efforts.

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BDDEC Schools map
Detail of the Beaufort Delta Education Council area