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Home School Info


A home schooling program is an educational program, which is based in the home, started and directed by parents/guardians, for their own children.  A parent/guardian of a child attending a home schooling program, shall register the child in accordance with the Education Act and Regulations, within 30 days after the first day of school in the school year in the education district in which the parent resides.

Schools receive funding for home schooled students based on 50% of a full time equivalent student. District Education Authorities (DEAs) shall develop policies governing the provision of funds to a parent/guardian for home schooling program costs to a maximum of 25% of the full time equivalent amount.

Principals are responsible for assessing the progress of students attending Home- Schooling programs as outlined in the Department of Education, Culture and Employment Home Schooling Directive.

Acceptable Homeschooling Expenditures

  • Instructional supplies
  • Resources such as textbooks
  • Direct tuition fees to obtain programs of study
  • Entrance fees to museums or other facilities for student only (one parent fee covered)
  • On the land expenses such as rental of ice auger, chainsaw, plants/seeds. When possible schools will provide OTL resources to homeschooling families.
  • Basic student supplies such as paper, pencils, markers etc.
  • Art supplies
  • Sport equipment rental

Non-Acceptable Homeschooling Expenditures

  • Honorarium for instruction
  • Travel and accommodations
  • School fees if student participates in school run activities
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Summer programs

A copy of the H.01 Home Schooling Policy is attached